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The Buzz Surrounding Joseph Clay

Atomic Nashville - October 6, 2016

“Joe Clay has been with us since we opened our store. He is one of our favorite Authors and friend to Atomic Nashville. He shares our vision of bringing local flavor to the city of Nashville.”   

Interview by Clare Diston – Human Voices Editorial.

K. Keating – Owner – Your Book Angel

Demons of the Jungle is an amazing story… Stephen King-esque in places.”    

Amazon Review - Witch's Dilemma - 5 Stars - January 17, 2017

Format: Paperback

This is a unique read! If you like paranormal mixed with crime investigation stories this is the book for you. -  Amazon Customer 

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Goodreads Review- Demons of the Jungle - 2 Stars - May 31, 2016

 I won this in a Goodreads giveaway. My opinion is just that...mine...and completely unbiased. An  interesting story line makes this quick read easy to get through, but I  felt that it needed a bit more character insight and polishing to push  it to the next level. The ending, although a bit abrupt, definitely  tells you that a sequel will be coming. I think that as the author  continues to write he will gain more "fine tuning" ability, and that his  indirect characterization will improve.  - Melody 

Witch's Dilemma 5-15-2018

I haven’t read a book like this were I wanted to keep reading till I finished it in a while, but this was one. I  could not put Witch's Dilemma down. Every time I thought I had it figured out I didn’t. When I got to the end Boom, an ending no one could have seen coming. I would say Joseph Clay is a master manipulator and good at it. i put him up there with Dean Knootz and James Patterson. - Terry B. Louisiana

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