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Joseph (Joe) Clay is a published author, writer/blogger, an interviewer along with a book reviewer.  Joseph is a member of the Goodreads Author community. His profile and works are showcased and sold on Amazon in eBook and paperback formats. Autographed copies of his works in paperback format can only be purchased through this website.

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Bibliography/Writing Credits


  • Witch’s Dilemma released in paperback and e-Book October 2016
  • Demons of the Jungle released in e-Book format May 2014. Paperback edition May 2015. Second edition  February 2016, paperback and e-Book.

Writing Credits

  • Blog Contributor: ThunderHorse Publishing 2017 – Present
  • Blog Contributor: Live Laugh Love Nashville – Writer of Music Monday Artist Showcases 2017




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Joseph Clay - Author



Joseph Edward Clay was born in Newnan, the county seat of Coweta County, Georgia, a small town south of Atlanta, on April 28, 1960. Joseph is the second son―but also the oldest as his older sibling died only months after being born―of John Tillman Clay and Virginia Imajo Coalson Clay. 

Growing up, Joseph went by the name of Eddie and spent his time playing baseball, studying martial arts, and riding dirt bikes. When he wasn’t being a daredevil he could be found in Newnan’s fabulous Court Square, sitting on the wraparound porch of the courthouse and playing checkers with the older men of the town. He never won a game but loved listening to the stories those wise men told of war, politics, love, broken hearts, and ghosts. Those men taught Joseph that the truth is sometimes too unreal to believe, and in that case you improvise. From these chats Joseph acquired a knack for spinning tall tales that are more believable than the truth.  

Joseph holds a degree in is a Mechanical Engineer and has held many positions in that field in his20 plus year carder. Joseph is also a certified Correctional Officer in the state of Tennessee.  

Joseph began his writing career at the age of 53. Read ‘Numbers to Words: My Journey from Engineering to Writing’ that explains how a man who can't spell wound up being a author. 

Personal Life  

Joseph has been married and divorced three times. He has six wonderful kids, Three girls and three boys. The youngest a boy resides with Joseph and the Queen at Sleepy Cougar Ranch in prestigious East Nashville.   They are regular volunteers and work with several non-profits in the Nashville area.  Joseph at one time chaired the board of directors for the Matthew 2535 Initiative. Along with their time the also make monetary donations to a number of charities that help not only people but animals.  

Hobbies - Personal Interest  

Joseph is a sports fan and loves to watch baseball in person and on TV. His favorite team is the Atlanta Braves, no matter how well or badly they play.

Joseph also enjoys watching football, favorite team is the New England Patriots.  He also likes the speed of NASCAR and catches as many races as he can. With Dale, Jr and Danica Patrick retiring, Joseph pulls for Chase Elliott and the old man Jimmy Johnson. 

During spring through early fall you can find Joseph at the batting cage taking a few swings. During this time of year can find him on the golf course at least once a week.  During the colder months is at the local bowling alley in Hendersonville with his family.

Some of Joseph Hobbies include;

  • Photography (35mm and digital)
  • Coin Collecting (Member of the ANA and NGC Collectors Society)
  • Cooking
  • Target Shooting 
  • Hiking
  • Drawing
  • Traveling

Joseph's love of horseback riding and taking out the Harley as much as the weather keeps his mind clear and free of negativity. Joseph has always maintained that you never see a Harley or hitching post in front of a shrink’s office. 

Joseph also does the following for relaxation and to keep his senses sharp and mind at ease. 

  • Crossword puzzles
  • Catching a play, ballet and/or visiting art galleries.
  • Listening to his favorite music, the blues.

Joseph's favorite time of year is summer. He is most relaxed and creative when he is tanning at the beach while sipping smooth bourbon, straight up and smoking an Excalibur Dark Knight II cigar. From his beach chair he watches the waves roll across the white sands of the beach as story ideas flood his thoughts.