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Future Works (WIP) #1

Thunder Bear

Thunder Bear is where it all starts for Levi West, Defective for LACN Investigations. Levi showcases his investigation skills in Witch's Dilemma and makes a brief showing in Demons of the Jungle. Levi's is about to turn eighteen and inherit the West on the East ranch, a multi billion dollar operation. He has plans for  his inheritance, to stat an Detective Agency and use the money to track down cold bloody murders. 

Before his eighteenth birthday gun fire erupts and Levi is wounded, he along with Charlotte and Elena, Levis best friend are shipped off to Florida for Levi's protection. Thunder Bear, Levi's Grandfather, suspecting what Levi will do as soon as he turns eighteen formulates a plan to keep him from finding the truth he seeks. To combat him from uncovering the West/Dakota past Thunder Bear assigns Levi a case, before he departs.

The case is not the one Levi wanted. Levi is chomping at the bit to find out who murdered his Grandmother, who he worshiped, his mom who he adored, and his his dad who...well was his dad. Instead Thunder Bear assigns Levi to find out the truth about Charlotte, the RN who works for the ranch clinic.

Levi and Charlotte do not get along and Levi has plans of firing her once he receives the inheritance and takes over the ranch. This is going against the advice of  his mothers and grandmothers spirits. They remind him how Charlotta help Susan, Levis mother out during her darkest hour.

The three arrive in Florida to stay with some some old family friends. Tensions run high as jealousy comes in to play. The three began to ask questions of one another. What is the connection between the three that would warrant them the label of the new era of the West on the East legacy? Was the gun fire meant for Charlotte and not Levi? Can Elena really talk to Levi's mother and grandmother? The three are determined to find out the truth to those questions as well as why they were sent away together. Levi must also solve the question who is Charlotte? After spending time with her, she may not appear to be who she claims to be. 

  • Tentative release date second quarter of 2020 or sooner.
  • Paperback an e-Book formats.
  • Will be available here in Joe's Bookstore in paperback on on Amazon in the e-Book format.  


Future Works (WIP) #2

The Tales of Joe (Title and Cover Subject to Change)

The Tales of Joe  is a short story collection with a word count goal of between 200,000 - 250,00 words. The book will be made up of short stories and flash fiction with a goal of 20-25 total stories. At this point the book contains seven tales and comes in at a little under 48,000 words.

The titles of the stories inside the book are;

  • “To Die in Peace is to Rest in Peace”
  • “Bloody Waters of Wahoo Creek”
  • “Death of a Soul - Birth of a Killer”
  • “Night of Dreams"
  • “The Birds of Peace”
  • “Cursed; To Be or Not to Be"
  • "An Apple a Day”

Release Information


  • Tentative release date third quarter of 2020 or sooner.
  • Paperback an e-Book formats.
  • Will be available here in Joe's Bookstore in paperback on on Amazon in the e-Book format.