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Road to Hades

Road to Hades is the story of Debra Wright and Patricia Mitchell before the enter the jungle and face the demons in Demons of the Jungle third edition. 

The twisted story begins in Detroit with Debra doing a stint in lock up. Debra is receiving rehab for her drug  addiction and psychiatric counseling to combat the voices she hear. Once released Debra, through guidance from the voices and an Ouija Board heads out if town.

Patricia down south in Birmingham is graduating high school. That excitement coupled with the promise she can attend the trip to Golf Shores has one eighteen year overjoyed. That joy is soon shattered as her over protected father once again breaks his promise. Patricia is shocked to learn the reason she is denied the trip and more surprised with what her mother and father want to subject her to. Patricia learns that Sally, her girlfriend, is also subject to the same religious act and will also miss the trip,

Through spiritual guidance Patricia decides its time to runaway from home so she can be with the one she loves and to warn her of what is to come.

Debra and Patricia meet and quickly become friends. They are as different as night and day. One has street smarts, that is where she grew up, and is logical, the other has lived a sheltered life. Debra wants to find a place that she can call home while Patricia desires to be with Sally. 

The one thing they have common, both want a new life in a different town, preferably Atlanta, that is where Sally is vacationing.  While in Atlanta the troubles starts, both are questioned in the murders of Patricia parents back in Birmingham, along with the murders of Sally and her parents in Atlanta.

Debra and Patricia can't seem to catch a break. Patricia dealing with the grief of losing her parents and Sally turns to drugs for an escape. Debra, who is an recovering addict does everything she can to save Patricia from death and get her life back on track, while facing her own demons.

Patricia who has the gift of Discerning Spirits along with others feels a strong evil presence, guiding them to an unknown destination. Debra ignores Patricia's concerns telling her that the drugs have caused her to see and hear things that weren't  there. Their troubles could be logically explained,  they were having a run of bad luck and things will get better. They load up once again seeking the peace, freedom and security in another town.

Texas had been good to Debra and Patricia but their world once again becomes chaotic at a Texas play house. Two off duty police officers with guns draw order them to drop their weapons. Both did so while staring at the dead body only feet from them.

They seek refuge from the Non-Profit Save the Rain Forest and Animals (STRFAA). Can STRFAA get them out of Texas before the Fort Worth Police Department finds them?


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Demons of the Jungle 3rd Edition

The third rewrite of  Demons of the Jungle is packed with more action, more death and of course more demons and characters. The protagonists and the plot remain the same, but how they journey from  the opening sentence to the final chapter has evolved from the first edition to this; the third edition.  To read about the the changes read Demons of the Jungle – New  Characters – (WU/WIP 2-19)


“Come to me and all your desires and wishes will be at your fingertips…”

Debra Wright had been released from rehab once again after serving  her time in the slammer. As the cold rain turned to sleet she stumbled  off the concrete stoop and shifted her backpack, which contained  everything she owned. The nightmares were still haunting her and she was  tired of living on the streets, fighting for every scrap of food. Debra  was determined to make it south so that she wouldn’t have to endure  another Detroit winter…

Patricia Mitchell watched her graduation cap sail high into the air  at her private Catholic school in Birmingham. She had accomplished what  her parents wanted: Patricia was a true southern belle who had graduated  at the top of her class. She had been waiting for this day for months,  and tomorrow she would be on her way to the Gulf Coast with her friends  to celebrate. For once she was going to experience real life and fun.  But her dad had other plans, and they didn’t include her traipsing  around on a beach half-naked with a bunch of drunk teenagers. That night  Patricia took all she could and left via her bedroom window…

These two young women, total opposites, had the same goal: each  wanted a different life. They met by chance and the bond between them  was immediate. Together they set out on a journey that led from one  adventure to another, but heartache, pain and trouble seemed to find  them at every turn. In Texas Patricia and Debra shared the leading roles  in an off-Broadway production. Their lives appeared to be on the right  track until opening night, when all hell broke loose and murder put them  on the run again. 

Patricia never mentioned it but she felt as if a  mystical force was pulling them to a faraway destination which promised  protection from the evils and troubles of the outside world. The  organization STRFAA (Save The Rain Forest And Animals) offered them a  deal that was too good to pass up and, they soon learned, too good to be  true. They became prisoners in a jungle paradise, where The King of the  Demons made his offer: drink the magic elixir or be subjected to  torment and death, just like the ones who had refused to drink before  them. Will Patricia’s vision of rescue come to pass? So far there is no  sign of a knight in shining armor, and time is running out as one of the  two holds the cup in her hands… 


#3 In Queue - Scheduled Release First Quarter of 2021

Thunder Bear

Thunder Bear is where it all starts for Levi West, Defective for LACN Investigations. Levi showcases his investigation skills in Witch's Dilemma and makes a brief showing in Demons of the Jungle. Levi's is about to turn eighteen and inherit the West on the East ranch, a multi billion dollar operation. He has plans for  his inheritance, to stat an Detective Agency and use the money to track down cold bloody murders. 

Before his eighteenth birthday gun fire erupts and Levi is wounded, he along with Charlotte and Elena, Levis best friend are shipped off to Florida for Levi's protection. Thunder Bear, Levi's Grandfather, suspecting what Levi will do as soon as he turns eighteen formulates a plan to keep him from finding the truth he seeks. To combat him from uncovering the West/Dakota past Thunder Bear assigns Levi a case, before he departs.

The case is not the one Levi wanted. Levi is chomping at the bit to find out who murdered his Grandmother, who he worshiped, his mom who he adored, and his his dad who...well was his dad. Instead Thunder Bear assigns Levi to find out the truth about Charlotte, the RN who works for the ranch clinic.

Levi and Charlotte do not get along and Levi has plans of firing her once he receives the inheritance and takes over the ranch. This is going against the advice of  his mothers and grandmothers spirits. They remind him how Charlotta help Susan, Levis mother out during her darkest hour.

The three arrive in Florida to stay with some some old family friends. Tensions run high as jealousy comes in to play. The three began to ask questions of one another. What is the connection between the three that would warrant them the label of the new era of the West on the East legacy? Was the gun fire meant for Charlotte and not Levi? Can Elena really talk to Levi's mother and grandmother? The three are determined to find out the truth to those questions as well as why they were sent away together. Levi must also solve the question who is Charlotte? After spending time with her, she may not appear to be who she claims to be. 


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Tales of Joe

Tales of Joe is a short story/flash fiction collection with a total word count goal of 50,000 plus words. 

The tales will take the reader on a roller coaster of emotions.  They will journey from the darkness of death, heartbreak and pain in to the light of hope, peace and a happy ever after.  

At this point the book contains the following tales and word count of each.

  • "Memories" (4877)
  • “To Rest in Peace One Must Die in Peace” (1023)


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Letters from the Asylum


Letters From the Asylum is a short story/flash fiction collection with a total word count goal of 75,000 plus words. 

The local asylum is filled with people who have committed crimes - crimes that only people who are insane...or a genius could envision. 

A local writer who is in search of the next best seller finds out here favorite author is being held at the asylum. She contacts the facilities psychiatrist to see if she could interview the world renowned author.  

The doctor grants her wish. With every trip to the asylum the writer grants a favor; in return she receives a letter from one of the inhabitants who reside in Ward C.

The writer along with the psychiatrist quickly realize Ward C is filled with people who have imaginations that any author would die for.  The doctor must determine if the residents of Ward C are playing head games with them or are they describing crimes they have committed that have gone undetected and/or unsolved.