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Witch's Dilemma


“The devils you know are angels of mercy compared to the hell you are about to encounter.” 

World-renowned paranormal psychiatrist and practicing witch Doctor Valerie Bell and her husband, computer genius and strip club-owner Adam Bell, have an unusual marriage, but when Adam goes missing and a mutilated body is found in his car, Valerie begins to fear for her safety. At first she uses her powers of witchcraft and her position as a profiler for the Fort Worth Police Department to help with the investigation, but when she receives a threatening ransom note from a madman she turns to a private investigator for help.    

Levi West, mysterious, sharp-witted and sexy, has come to Texas to help two women, Debra and Patricia, who are in the care of the non-profit organization Basham House. The women have endured a terrible supernatural ordeal in the Congolese jungle, and Levi takes them to Valerie for psychiatric therapy. During their first appointment Valerie tells them about her husband’s disappearance and begs Levi for help. But with so many skeletons hiding in Valerie’s closet, how can he be sure that he can trust her?   Read More...

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Coming Soon - Scheduled Release Fall of 2019

Demons of the Jungle (3rd Edition)

The third edition of Demons of the Jungle  is packed with more action than the previous two versions.

The plot of the story remains the same in edition three. However the main characters Debra and Patricia encounter a slew of new characters on their journey to save their souls from being devoured by the demons. 

These characters include a Voodoo Queen, a couple of sisters who are  Vampire Witches. The Queen and sisters each have an agenda of their own.

Debra and Patricia met others who have volunteered for STRFAA, Patricia and one of the Coleman sisters share something in common, their mental powers. However Patricia's gift is nothing like the Telekinesis Tiffany possesses.

This version also contains more demons and gets into the realms of hell and the seven deadly sins. 

You will not want to miss this version. 

To make sure you don't the author is offering a trade in offer.  The details or simple, if you own a copy of Demons of the Jungle, edition 1 or 2, he will give you free of charge the third edition, of course stipulations apply. 

Follow the blog Joseph Clay - Author Official Blog to stay abreast of the progress of Demons of the Jungle third edition.

  • Scheduled release date Fall of 2019 or sooner.
  • Paperback an e-Book formats.
  • Available here in the bookstore in paperback or on Amazon in  e-Book format.


Joe - Coming Unglued

In Queue - Scheduled Release Winter of 2019-2020

Road to Hades (Title and Cover Subject to Change)

Road to Hades is the story of Debra wright and Patricia Mitchell before the enter the jungle and face the demons in Demons if the Jungle third edition.

The twisted story begins in Detroit with Debra doing a stint in lock up. Debra is receiving rehab for her drug  addiction and psychiatric counseling to combat the voices she hear. Once released Debra, through guidance from the voices and an Ouija Board heads out if town.

Patricia down south in Birmingham is graduating high school. That excitement coupled with the promise she can attend the trip to Golf Shores has one eighteen year overjoyed. That joy is soon shattered as her over protected father once again breaks his promise. Patricia is shocked to learn the reason she is denied the trip and more surprised with what her mother and father want to subject her to. Patricia learns that Sally, her girlfriend, is also subject to the same religious act and will also miss the trip,

Through spiritual guidance Patricia decides its time to runaway from home so she can be with the one she loves and to warn her of what is to come.

Debra and Patricia meet and quickly become friends. They are as different as night and day. One has street smarts, that is where she grew up, and is logical, the other has lived a sheltered life. Debra wants to find a place that she can call home while Patricia desires to be with Sally.

The one thing they have common, both want a new life in a different town, preferably Atlanta, that is where Sally is vacationing.  While in Atlanta the troubles starts, both are questioned in the murders of Patricia parents back in Birmingham, along with the murders of Sally and her parents in Atlanta.

Debra and Patricia can't seem to catch a break. Patricia dealing with the grief of losing her parents and Sally turns to drugs for an escape. Debra, who is an recovering addict does everything she can to save Patricia from death and get her life back on track, while facing her own demons.

Patricia who has the gift of Discerning Spirits along with others feels a strong evil presence, guiding them to an unknown destination. Debra ignores Patricia's concerns telling her that the drugs have caused her to see and hear things that weren't  there. Their troubles could be logically explained,  they were having a run of bad luck and things will get better. They load up once again seeking the peace, freedom and security in another town.

Texas had been good to Debra and Patricia but their world once again becomes chaotic at a Texas play house. Two off duty police officers with guns draw order them to drop their weapons. Both did so while staring at the dead body only feet from them.
They seek refuge from the Non-Profit Save the Rain Forest and Animals (STRFAA). Can STRFAA get them out of Texas before the Fort Worth Police Department finds them?

  • Scheduled release date Winter of 2019-2020 or sooner.
  • Paperback an e-Book formats.
  • Will be available here in Joe's Bookstore in paperback on on Amazon in the e-Book format. 


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